I was scrolling through hateful internet comments. As you know, reading internet comments is a great way to relax and connect with your fellow humans! So, yesterday, of course, another insane idiot went on a shooting spree. It’s mildly horrifying how desensitized I’ve become to mass shootings, but it’s just part of life in now. Anyway, the internet was awash with insane comments after the shooting.

I’ve got a bit of a masochistic side, so I will scroll comments for a long time, feeling the anxiety flood in my body whilst reading some of the most horrible thoughts being typed/spewed by some anonymous carbon-based moron. Although, perhaps a BOT was posting this hate?! Oh dear! Anyway, some horrid creature was posting horrid things on the internet. (SHOCKER!)

After I closed the laptop and lunged it out the window, I thought, life is so odd. Why am I here on Earth? I had no say in the matter! One of the Comment Spewers went on some crazy ass rant about how shootings are the fault of liberals, and the libs are the reason for


lgbt rights

gay marriage

The American Family Falling Apart (trademarked by people everywhere who never studied the history of the american family)

Immigration (oh heavens no! this country was created by Jesus himself in the year 0, as a land for whites only. Read HISTORY!!!!!! DUHH!!)

Then the goober signed off with his REAL name. I wanted to google his name and find his address and send him a teddy bear. Okay, not REALLY. Please! I’d send him a box of Omaha steaks, because he is a REAL MAN and REEL MEN need STEAKS.


His spewy comment made me think about why people get in such a tizzy about things like LGBT rights and gay marriage. And then I started to think about how we are born, and we’re born a certain way, and then we’re judged based on the way we were born.  I was a born a woman in America. In the 80s. It’s not like I asked for that…Hey, Zeus/God/Flying Cat God, make me a woman, and make me born right around the time Madonna is super popular in America!

It’s just weird to think about. Yet, we are so judgy of each other, when at the end of the day, we were all thrown into the world and a lot of things are beyond our control.

And we don’t try very hard to understand the things we don’t understand.

It’s easier to just spew nonsense on the internet and grasp firmly to outdated beliefs from a world that no longer exists.

Sometimes I think, oh, just stop reading the internet comments. But how? HOW?! The worst part is….I have definitely met some of these comment spewers. And so have you!!!!




Poisoned on a daily basis.

Everything we eat is full of garbage. Corn and soy are subsidized by the government, so farmers have an incentive to grow the stuff. I am not mad at the farmers, it’s survival for them, at this point. But what is happening to our bodies? We’re sicker than ever. You might hear myths about how people didn’t used to live long enough to get diabetes and heart disease, but none of that is backed up by fact. It is true that you were waaaay more likely to die in infancy or childhood, but if you did make it out of your teen years alive, you were pretty much set to live a decent chunk of time. And without type 2 diabetes.


We cannot escape disease, it’s going to happen. But something is wrong with the high rates of diabetes, cancer, obesity and infertility. We’re eating garbage. We’re being poisoned.

We drink everything from plastic, that leeches into the water. All our food is full of too much soy and corn. Here is a Panera sandwich:


Canola oil and corn starch are bad for you. Soy bean oil is crap. The bread is also crap, but you already knew that. But at least if the bread was actual multigrain that wasnt stripped of all the whole grains, it might have some benefit. when you strip away all the whole grain from bread, refine it down to a powder, then pump it with some vitamins, it is not the same beast anymore. we can break stuff down, but we arent good at building it back together. that’s why refined grains are so bad for us. Our bodies aren’t used to this stuff yet. As far as canola and corn…all crap.

I dont want to go off the deep end. because i live in a modern world with its many poisons, and i cant be perfect and avoid all of them unless i cut myself off from the world and live in a cave and have instacart deliver me groceries every week. but i can try to do my best to minimize the poisons that i encounter. I know every time i eat out, i am probably eating vegetable oils, or sugars, and stuff. but you know, maybe that’s fine OCCASIONALLY. i just dont want that to be the entirety of my diet, a bunch of crappy grains and sugars.


But i will conclude with this….


Americans and French were asked: When you think of chocolate cake, what word pops into your head?

French: Celebration

Americans: Guilt


So, there’s some…cake for thought. Why the guilt? perhaps a few diff reasons. We over-indulge, but also, we are always on diets. We put bad food on pedestals so we want it more and more. if we always make an attempt to eat healthfully, but eat a slice of cake at a birthday, that, to me, is a much healthier mindset. Whenever you put anything on a pedestal, you want it more.







Why? Dont do it to yourself. don’t sleep around, but you dont have to be a nun, either. don’t do drugs, but taking a tylenol when you have a raging headache is probably fine. don’t drink to excess, but a glass of wine once in awhile is fine if you can handle that. don’t eat candy, unless you’re at a party and you just have a few. cake shouldnt be a staple of your diet, but look, a slice at a wedding is fucking fine, get over yourself.

okay, i think i made my point here. wait, what was my point?