America 2040

Ariana  Hoffman is just a typical 25 year old trying to navigate life in the post-smart phone era.

She is embedded with a micro-spot.



Grandmotherly Wisdom: Do Not Ghost


The year is 2045, and finding romance is nearly impossible! When my peers, the Post-Post-millenials, hear me talkin’ about romance, they immediately Exit the Snapchat hologram, leaving me all alone. I sigh, alert Alexo to return me to Real Life, and open my eyes to my bland bedroom.

Grandma Jen says people used to decorate their bedrooms and homes before Micro-Spots replaced physical Cell Phones. How did people lunge around big ol cell phones all day long? Grandma Jen laughs at me when I look all bewildered and frightened at her stories of a pre-Microspot world.

‘We only existed in two realities, Ariana. We had REAL LIFE, and then we had the internet. But the internet was not the ‘internet’ you have today. We had to ‘log on’ and stare at a screen. We often sat in public, amongst others in REAL LIFE, while staring at our internet phones.’

Confusion crossed my face.

‘Grandma Jen, are you saying that people couldn’t enter into Google hologram worlds back then? What did they do for FUN?’

Grandma Jen thought deeply. What DID they do for fun?

‘Well, I believe we liked to buy stuff, and then take pictures of the stuff for our social media pages. As you know, Google Holograms did not exist yet, so we couldn’t simply upload our minds into magical worlds yet, dear. We had to ‘create’ the worlds on our internet phones.’

Ariana never tired of hearing her Grandma’s crazy stories about the past.  Her grandma was born in the 1980s into a world that was on the BRINK of the digital transformation. When Ariana was born in the year 2020, people still carried around Internet Phones. In fact, the trend at the time was to carry around very LARGE internet phones.

The trend soon shifted to having NO visible phone.



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