Black coffee

It’s weird how black coffee doesn’t thrill me the way milk-filled coffee thrills me.

Is it just psychological?

Sunday morning, how relaxing. Time for a cup of coffee with….oh. There’s no milk. Well, it’s a nice brand, I could just drink it black. Yep.

Now, the coffee, in its pure form, just feels like a tool. It lost it’s frills, and now it’s just an aid to get me going, like if I started to just take caffeine pills or something. Maybe that’s not the best comparision- The sensation of drinking a steamy hot beverage is still different than the sensation of just popping a pill into your mouth and fleeing the house…Do people even take caffeine pills like that? I haven’t heard anyone talk about caffeine pills since high school.

Well, anyway. I just wanted to note this observation! Anyone want to get some funding and conduct a 5 year old, evidence based study on whether black coffee is less effective at cheering your already darkened, caffeine-addicted soul?!

Is it simply because I think coffee tastes better with milk or cream? Hm….Well, I guess that settles it. Sorry, doctor, cancel the 50,000 dollar study!


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