The Experiment, part 2

Dear internet entities on WordPress,


This may come as a shock, but I noticed that sometimes I receive ‘likes’ on my posts, but my ‘visitor’ count doesn’t change! What does this mean?! Ya know what I think is going on? I think people are seeing my blog in their stream (or whatever the hell it’s called…) and just ‘liking’ so I will like their blog back!

Lunacy, right?!

Am I too negative?! Perhaps these fine folks DID read my blog, loved it DEARLY, and thus, LIKED it. Thank you, fine folks, thanks so much!

But, just to make sure you actually love me (I mean, I know you might be afraid to say it, so you prove your love via pressing a ‘like’ button. That’s so, so sweet) I am going to attach random tags to this blog and see how many LIKES I receive versus how many VISITORS I receive


Thank you,

Julie from wordpress and the














thank you again,

Julie Agnes Mcstevens

Yes, that name is uh…66% fake. or whatever…don’t make me do math! Oh, there’s another tag. math.


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