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I was at Rite Aid, buying some stuff, and I saw my town’s local paper. Damn, the nostalgia flooded my noggin. I loved to read the paper. Then, as you know, internet.com took over. Well, I’ve always sorta missed the experience of reading a real paper. It’s similar to how I still read real books, not ebooks. I totally understand, from a financial perspective, wanting to read ebooks. But I just never enjoyed the experience. I feel I don’t absorb the material the same way, I don’t feel a connection to the story the same way, it just feels too similar to how I surf the web. So, I still read books from the library and occasionally buy a real book.

Well, I figured, I bet reading the paper will be fun! Like reading a book! It’ll really take me back, too.

Ugh, nope. The experience was not what I remembered- it has changed. I couldn’t BELIEVE the glaring typos! I mean, really, the author typed ‘bran power’ instead of ‘brain power’ in one article. What?! Of all mistakes….And some words were repeated a few times, like he had forgotten to delete some redundancies in his word document before whooshing the document off to the imaginary editor…

Then, every other article ended with FIND US ON FACEBOOK! But why?!??!?! I want to READ, not COMMENT, which ALL people do on facebook! ugh!

So, I realized….I dunno, really. Maybe I am being harsh. I know newspapers are under a lot of financial stress now, competing with the click baity internet news culture. I know people do not pay for news, so they have no choice but to ‘advertise’ on facebook (or whatever…) I know it is a 24/7 culture now, so editors do not mull over articles like they used to…

But it still makes me sad. I’d like a return to carefully crafted news. But is it possible in the 24/7, twitter-fueled society? well, I kinda do think so. But perhaps I am just in la-la land. Sometimes, that aint a bad place to be. Plenty of pizza. mmmm.



  1. God, how I agree with you! Newspapers today, are first written for the internet, and then cherrypicked for the next issues content. The spelling, grammar, and just basic flair of news articles has become redundant, as we all learn to read through mistakes.
    Not that I’m one to spear thou! I’m forever finding errors where autocorrect has inserted what looked right at the time, only to be completely the wrong word, but I’m sure those who read anything, read past it just as I do with so much I see written.
    I was always a big newspaper reader in my distant past, and it’s what made me love writing, but I never really had the chance to follow that dream until now, maybe. It’s a shame that I have to follow it in a world where the greatest read medium, is the worst written. I won’t even get started on Facebook, had it, hate it, not going back. 🤣


    1. I’m reading a book called Deep Work that talks about how the internet is basically just a big distraction machine now. I’ve stopped reading sites like Buzzfeed, etc, because I am annoyed by clickbait and the destruction of good writing….. Facebook is just double awful for me- haha. I am a TOTAL curmudgeon when it comes to Facebook. I know it has a few pros- sure. So does eating candy. Doesn’t mean I should pop a reeses into my mouth 15 times per day. But you better believe I used to obsessively check FB throughout the day- ugh! No thanks. Plus, Facebook tracks you all across the web. What gives them the damn right? Even if you stop using Facebook, they make a ‘shadow profile’ for you and still sell that info off.

      I hope someday the web becomes more of a tool and not a playground. Then, maybe…the web can be saved. But I think I’m too optimistic about this. hehe 😛

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      1. I think we have a shared mind on some level! I hate Facebook, it sucks the life out of people, and injects a fake persona. I ran from Facebook a long time ago. It’s like walking down a busy street where everyone is watching you, and I’m so conscious of that. Total recluse here! Not always by choice but Facebook was an easy choice to make. Sites like Buzzfeed, and Facebook for that matter, think they are more important than reality should allow. Whenever I hear Buzzfeed mentioned in parliament I cringe. I hope your not being too optimistic, I hope the world wakes up to itself. There is so much life going to waste that is not on the internet. It has its place of course, as it should. It is a wondrous thing! The across the planet connections are amazing!!! The brilliance and simplicity of its positive attributes, give me hope. That’s it thou, just hope. We have to remember that it includes everything life has to offer including, greed, envy etc. etc. 🤯


      2. Yes, the internet has some perks. I have always loved the ability to connect with people from faraway places- like Australia 😛 But we gotta become more conscious of the cons of the internet, especially in the past 5-10, yrs, since big tech/silicon valley has made social media ‘the internet’ along with all its addictive, time-wasting tendencies. Social media is NOT the entirety of the internet. And I still think everyone should at least delete facebook from their phones. Our minds aren’t meant to be distracted 24/7.

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      3. Well my phone only goes out of sight when I’m asleep. One of the biggest problems I had with Facebook, was that it added every detail of every person that followed me, and I was pretty big in some respects on both Facebook and Twitter. Most of my followers were teens and I had everything, names, addresses, dates of birth and phone numbers. It’s a dangerous medium. Twitter is not so bad, I can run multiple accounts, and when I have an inappropriate account follow me, I report it, twitter deletes it, and then says thank you. ☺️


      4. I think social media will only evolve if we, the sheeple, rise up and demand that these companies change. A mass exodus from FB would force Zuckerberg (our dear overlord) to stop data mining, to stop luring younger and younger ppl into fb (now there is an app for the kiddos too! yay!) etc… But people just don’t care enough.


      5. Nice thought, but Facebook probably donates too much money into political circles to ever disappear now. If it’s servers blew up and everyone was forced off it for a week, I think many more would leave it behind. Then there’s instagram 😦 another Facebook company, and even worse as a picture causes more corruption than words ever will. That thing is full of babies, little kids, tweens, being used as tools to sway the minds of the masses. Truly a sad place. I dumped that too.


      6. I think you might be my long lost twin. 😛 I ditched Instagram, too. Maybe someday I’ll show you my selfie collection. LOL. I was so ’embedded’ in the social media machine back in the day. I feel a lot better now. I do think there is some connection between how often you take selfies and how satisfied you feel with your life.. I wonder if they have done a study on that. hmm


      7. Haha can’t wait! I have never taken a selfie. I wonder what that says about me 😛 I don’t think there are more than 5 pictures of me in existence. I like to live in the shadows, and only use Twitter now to have my say about world leader behaviours. Mr Trump and our Prime Minister get such a hampering. I love the resistance so much I started one here in Australia 🤣


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