It annoys me..

It annoys me when I post a blog, and i get some ‘likes’ but the likers obviously didn’t read a word of what I wrote. Is that the state of writing today? Is it just so I’ll go to their blog, accidentally click on an ad, and generate some revenue for them?

Hmm..I should do an experiment. How many ‘likes’ can this entry garner? I will have to include a lot of weird, unrelated










So, how many ‘likes’ shall I receive? Well, time will tell! I’ll post this, and check it tonight. time to flee the internet and go to the museum.

(I’ll include ‘museum’ for a tag, too!)


I’ll also include that weird selfie I took of myself holding a low carb recipe book. #selfie


7 thoughts on “It annoys me..

  1. I shall deliberately not like you post while secretly harbouring thoughts of ? Who knows what! I hope you enjoyed the museum.


  2. I’ve noticed that some advertising blogs produce “likes”. Then you clik on their blog name and you get the advertisement for whatever they are selling. Then I think some likers hit the button just because they ended up on your page accidentally and they want to leave a mark. These are the things I think about in my exciting life. Your picture alone though, is worth a like.


    1. I noticed those ad blogs too, haha. A few of them have followed my blog. But really, I’ve found some cool blogs on WordPress, so it’s been a fun place to write and read blogs…I guess I can deal with some ad blogs here and there LOL. Glad you like my selfie šŸ˜›

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