A millenial without a facebook. can i live?

I deleted my Facebook account in September 2017. I mean, DELETED. It’s gone! Well, sort of. I can’t access it, but i’m sure overlord  Zuckerberg can crack it open. And I’m sure he does. my fake internet life was fascinating. I had a few fake marriages, a few fake children, a boatload  of selfies around age 26, then I morphed into Political & Angry, like everyone else, then I deleted myself.

I think social media is toxic. The cons outweigh the pros. so, I took all the social media apps off my phone. that helped cut back on the toxicity, but I still find myself checking Instagram smetimes, or Facebook, if someone sends me a link to something. I read Twitter, too, but why? None of these fucking websites make me feel good. Why do I keep looking at them?

For A LONG TIME, I was embarrassed to delete my Facebook, because people were judgmental about it, and I care what people think about me, probably too much. I’ve loosened up with old age (i’m 32 1/2!!) and eventually you realize, these people do not have your best interest in mind, anyway. If they did, they’d set aside their own biases, opinions, and thoughts, and say, ‘do what’s best for yourself, i support you!’ but that isn’t likely to happen, so just do YOU. do you, girlfriend! Now I sound like a really bad motivational poster in some woman’s cubicle.

(I can say that, because I am a woman)

anyway. I got to do me. and I want to go a step further this year. Deleting my accounts wasn’t easy, and I have DREAMS that I reactivate my Facebook..WHAT. that is how lodged the ol Facebook is in my cerebellum. Or my amygdala. Or something up in my brain.

So, this year, I’m done. I’m DONE!

No Twitter, No Facebook, No Instagram. AT ALL.

What are the rules, me?


  1. No social media apps on your phone (already done)
  2. No typing in facebook.com or instagram.com in your duckduckgo search bar (i love duckduckgo.com)
  3. even if someone sends a link to instagram or FB, be honest, say that you dont use those websites. plus it’s usually just  a meme anyway. i doubt they’re linking me to some urgent legal matter that  i must address by 12 PM. If they had to send me an urgent legal matter, surely they’d TEXT me like a normal person (ugh)
  4. If the urge strikes to go on social media, pull up a knitting video, spanish video, or listen to music.
  5. if some dumbass tweet is embedded in a news story, dont click on it (what happened to journalism?)
  6. if you ‘relapse’ it’s okay, but get back on the wagon asap.


I shall document my progress. It will likely be interesting to no one, except myself. And you! Right? Thanks, you’re the sweetest. I appreciate it.


Okay, here it goes. Day…1. (Yea i know it’s january 6th……just pretend it’s january 1st.)


elderly millenial.


to remind myself of my darkest days, i attached a selfie from 2012. this was my Selfie Era, and I was incredibly addicted to facebook.

I will blog more about why i am so against social media, as i go. and i will never tell anyone to stop using it, it is your life and you do YOU, as Oprah says. (I think she said that..) But much evidence is emerging that social media is toxic, and i think that is something we all need to be informed about…

(That was a LONG PS)

-julie (again)selfie


8 thoughts on “A millenial without a facebook. can i live?

  1. I’m so with you! I deleted my account last May after a friend got mad at me and deleted me. It seemed so infantile to me. Before that I had tried to get off of it several times but failed. I’m convinced that social media is having a negative effect on society (Hell, even its creators say that). When I first started using social media I was also addicted to it and posting selfies all the time. Now I look back at that phase as an embarrassment. The scary thing about Facebook (Facadebook) is that your account never really goes away. The only way your Facebook account goes away entirely is if you die and someone notifies Facebook that you wanted your Facebook killed upon your death. There is even a button on Facebook where you are supposed to tell Facebook how they should handle your account upon your death. Its so insidious. Everyone thinks its normal when it is so not. It’s impossible to see the hold it has on your life until you have had a period, say 3 months without it. Only then do you realize, as one of Facadebooks creators said, “You are being programmed”. No shit. I will say though, that your selfie is awesome.


    1. Yep, even former Facebook employees are pretty open about the monster they created…

      And yeah, I agree that it takes a few months to realize the impact that Facebook has on your life…What bothers me is how Facebook got its claws into so many aspects of life. But I feel like people are realizing that Facebook isn’t your friend, and maybe more people will stop using it so much (I hope haha)

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  2. Millenials are anyone born after 82. Baby Boomers are the kids born just after WWII. I was born in 1979.. sometimes I’m a Gen X’er and sometimes I’m Generation Y, but a lot of people think Generation Y isn’t a real thing.

    I was more commenting that it’s nuts how old “those kids” are getting.


  3. I totally agree!To be honest,facebook just seems really crowded.I feel like there’s a thousand peopke constantly staring at me right through the screen.But I’ve never had this experience with my youtube channel,blog,or instagram.Ya feel?Anyway,love this blog<3


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