am i a hipster?

I don’t think I fit the hipster mold…


…or do i?

I don’t live in Boston, Providence, Portland, or any of the cool new england cities. I live outside of boston, because damnit, rent is too high in the city! (And everywhere else in Massachusetts….)

But I love the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain, and you can’t get much more hipster than JP. I mean, I’m pretty sure that place once had a dog smoothie store. Or did I just make that up in my head? Those false memories will get ya every time. what if most of my memories are all false? I’m freaking out! Pass me the kombucha tea! I gotta get my gut flora back in tact!

Anyway, here’s some stuff I do that maybe is hipster-y,

I bring my own bag to the grocery store. It’s a cloth bag and i got it from some discount bakery in maine, so it says Tastykake on it. I find it kinda funny.

I recycle plastic bags, when I do use them. I bring them back to the supermarket. Did you know you can recycle your plastic bags at the supermarket? I bet you walk by the bin every time you walk in. why arent you earth-friendly like I am??!

I buy organic produce, and I even grew organic vegetables this year. Yep…I know how to grow kale. KALE! The hipster’s beloved veggie.

I buy organic cotton bras, socks, shirts, and, most of all, I buy organic cashew butter. THAT STUFF IS GREAT.

I don’t have an ironic haircut. But i think that’s the new ironic haircut. like, i will try to start the trend of, ‘it’s cool to have a hair salon phobia and only get a haircut once per year’

Oh, I’ve also cut my own hair, using a youtube tutorial. it’s real fun. I recommend everyone try cutting their own hair at least 10 times before they die.

no, not once. once isnt enough. you cant get good unless you practice, ya know?

oh, and the number one reason I might be hipster?

I randomly stopped capitalizing sentences in this blog.


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