Gratitude, or whatever.

One of my goals is to have more gratitude. It’s a big goal. Like you said, we have to start small. That’s also something that modern people have trouble with. We live in a world of instant communication, instant results, instant everything. It’s all  instant. So of course I’d expect to read a book on gratitude and buddhism and mindfulness and expect to wake up the next day as julie 2.0, all positive, all the time, in check with the present moment, never a negative thought to pass in the old withered brain.

It just isnt how anything works. Except in the movies. Nothing in the movies is realistic. Another reason i only like to watch comedy, but not comedy of today. I like politically incorrect 1980s humor. in comedy, no one is off limits. Okay, there we go. I’m grateful for comedy. I love stand up comedy, and wish I had the personality for it. Well, I used to wish for that. I really appreciate the art form. I love how a good comedy can make me laugh. I like to appreciate the time and effort that goes into a good comedy bit, a show like seinfeld, a good 1980s movie like Naked Gun or Airplane! hell, even that movie White Chicks from like 2002 LOL. I need to rewatch that sometime. it’s so fucking ridiculous. I love ridiculous humor.

A lot of Youtube gurus say, turn off your TV, be enlightened. I say…hey, YT guru, can you share some of your ad revenue with me? Thanks. HASHTAG YOUTUBE CELEB HASHTAG GOOGLE ADSENSE HASHTAG HASHTAG follow me on twitter!


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