i deleted my facebook..again.

This time, I went a step further.

I changed my mobile number to my friend’s number. i deleted my number. he received the confirmation code, sent it to me, and i changed the number. then, i changed my facebook password to something crazy that i wouldnt remember. then, i requested for my account to be deleted.

it’s gone. unless i somehow convince my friend to give me a confirmation code, it’s gone in two weeks.

It’s only been a day, and i’ve gone 3 months without facebook before, but the difference this time, is that i wont be able to go back. i’ll have to create a whole new profile from scratch. and if that does happen, i can do it mindfully. i’ll only friend people i know. i doubt i’d use my real last name on there, but facebook is so weird about that shit. we’ll see. but, i’m not even considering this until may 7th, 2018, when i turn 33. HOLY GOD I AM OLD. okay, sorry.

In the mean time, i’m going to focus on things that actually make me feel good. i’m going to grow microgreens this winter, and see if i have a knack for it. if i do, i can sell them at farmers markets. that might be a pipe dream, i dont know. i like to start small. growing them for myself and for family is a good start. i grew cucumbers and tomatoes successfully, but my pumpkins failed. i know what went wrong, and i’ll be better prepared next year.

i’m going to amp up my spanish learning. i want to plan a trip for next summer, so i have a goal. a reason for learning. es muy divertido, pero ahora necesito hacer mas…

i want to learn piano..i’ve wanted to for a long time.

i also told myself, each day i go without succumbing to social media addiction, i will pay myself a dollar. so by may 7th i’ll have over 180 dollars, but i have no idea what i plan to do with that. maybe finally buy an overpriced american made watch.

anyway, we’ll see how i do. my mind already pinged a few times and said ‘whats going on in facebook land?’ wow. the brain is a tricky thing.


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