Organic cotton

I’ve known about organic food for awhile, but it never crossed my mind that our cotton isn’t organic, either. it used to be… but when quantity over quality takes over, it’s ‘normal’ for a company to need their cotton to be ‘resilient’ and spray it with all sorts of crap. it’s bad for the environment, sure, but no one ever thinks about how bad pesticides are for our human bodies. We also wear a lot of fake materials, like polyester. it’s because it’s so cheap, and we like to replace our wardrobes all the time..or do we? do we have a choice? clothing is cheap, it’s made to fall apart, like your iphone. we dont fix things anymore. you cant fix your phone. or your tv, and even your mother doesn’t know how to sew a button. so, why sew it back on when you can just throw it out and buy a new one for $15? and then throw that one out next year when it’s all faded and whatever.

organic clothing isn’t cheap. i’ve never in my life spent so much on clothes. I just was the type of person to go to Target and buy whatever the fuck was on sale. So, 4 dollar t-shirts and shit. i still buy Target’s pants because I like how they fit me. LOL. But they’re not 4 dollars, and they do last a decent chunk of time. Plus, i’m not perfect and neither are you. All we can do is try our best, don’t settle for mediocrity or ‘give up’ fuck that. i’m never giving up, in any area of life where i think i could improve. so, organic clothes cost more, definitely. also, i dont use credit. so, everything i buy, i buy it with the money i have in my checking account. so, i’m not rich. no shopping sprees for me. i buy things here and there. i just bought something organic, and of course the urge to buy MORE is so strong, but i just can’t. i’ll go down the rabbithole, and wind up spending lots..and it’s generally for a good ’cause’ my body should be covered in good materials, it is my fucking body, and i should take care of it. but i also live in a world where money rules my life. i wont put myself in a bad financial spot. so, piece by piece, i’m going the organic cotton route.


i still have some nice polyester shirts i dont want to give up. especially since they were gifts from my mom, and they’re nice shirts to wear to work. so, i just wear organic undershirts underneath, so the polyester isn’t touching my skin all day long. and i am trying to get away from polyester bras, but you’d be surprised how many bras are made from polyester. i cant prove shit, but i suspect covering your boobs in polyester all day every day isnt the ideal thing to do. but who knows? i just think environmental factors are playing a role in our health issues. so, i dont want to wear all this polyester anymore. i dont have to, and i wont do it.

there is a fine line between being conscious and being a snob. but i dont think i’m a snob. i’m probably judgmental. i am judgmental of ‘enviromentalists’ who drive SUVs, and throw out their IPHONE every year for the new model. Hello???? PLASTIC WASTE. unless you actually donate your used electronics, and even if you do, we would cut back on emissions so much if you just used your phone for a few years, or more. it wouldnt be created in an earth polluting warehouse, by child laborers, then shipped over to america, polluting the earth and our bodies by gas emissions, then you use it for a year, and it goes to a landfill so you can buy the latest model that has faster snapchat capabilities.

if we were more frugal and earth conscious, we’d keep the phones as long as possible. less plastic waste, better for the earth, and better for our bodies, because we dont breathe in as many toxics and pollutants….

anyway…i’m not sure the point of any of this. i just needed a good old elderly millenial rant


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