Experian, how could you do this to me?

Dear Experian,


I am so disappointed. My heart is shattered. My knees, too. I know that isn’t your fault, but I think they’ve been aching a bit more since you broke my heart.

How could you do this to me?


I thought what i shared with you was private. You swore you wouldn’t show anyone else. You promised me that anything I told you would never leave your sight. (site?)

You lied.



After all we shared! Every year, I checked my stupid ass credit report on your site! You had all my info, Experian, ALL of it! How could you be so cruel?!!?


Uh huh, I hear your excuse. ‘It wasn’t my fault, I was breached by hackers’ Oh RIGHT!!! CLASSIC LIAR’S EXCUSE!! Breached by hackers! Puh-leeeeeze. We all know that you SOLD my information, we all know that ALL you alpha websites sell ALL our info! Facebook, Instagram, Target, all your alphas think you got it going on! Well, you know what? I’m so done with you! And so done with credit! That’s right. Take your damn credit report and stuff it into some broken javascript code on your damn ‘hacked’ website, or whatever you lame excuse was!

Debit ALL the way. my local bank would NEVER DO THIS TO ME. I am so moving on.


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