4 dollars cash back

I am a large hypocrite. Some might say i am a hypocrite of the highest magnitude. I am hypocrisy personified.


I used my credit card.


In fact, I used it twice.


I’ve grappled with the fact that america runs on credit. you can certainly get by without a credit score and a credit card. for years, I justified carrying a balance on my CC every month.

It’s building credit. It’s fine.

No, it was bullshit. It wasnt fine. I paid hundreds in interest over the years. That’s money i could’ve spent on all sorts of amazing things for myself, like 100% organic cotton t-shirts made in USA. I recently bought one, and some old lady accidentally stole it from me. that’s a long story…I’ll tell you another time.

Anyway, for the past year I only buy things I saved up for. It’s super insanely grandma-tastic. I wonder if my t-shirt thief is a saver? Anyway…

So, I went on a lil trip to Nashville..paid in cash. I bought organic cotton t-shirts and socks, paid in cash, bought a yacht…..LOL! just joking.

It’s not always possible. shit happens in life. accidents, medical bills, the inevitable collapse of western civilization. but not having a running CC debt has felt very liberating. all my money..is mine. Besides the chunk the government takes…and uhh..yeah. but still, discover card no longer takes a chunk.

But, what to do about my credit score? It will disappear in a year if i just stop using a credit card. Is that really what I want?

So, I am dabbling with using my CC occasionally, when Discover offers cash back bonus. now, this is some psychological warfare right here. Discover card aint dumb. they know my monkey brain will think..freeeee money!!! and go to restaurants a bit more often, or intentionally buy some extra stuff just to get the cash back bonus..so,  igot to override the psychological aspects. I have to be super super mindful of when i use that CC. so, I did use it as a restaurant the past month. so i got a few dollars back. that’s it. i’m not using it again. it was tempting, but no. thats how i will get in trouble.

i will dabble with this plan here ‘n there.


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