My student loan can be forgiven!

Now, if only I HAD a student loan.

But this was the message I received on my phone today. Here is the whole thrilling story.


My phone rang. It was a Texas number, so I knew it was a spam call. Honestly, 95 percent of the calls I receive are spam calls. no one calls me. Sometimes i wish people did. it would be nice to receive a call. anyway. when i get a spam call i immediately just swipe to the…left? yes. and then the call goes to voicemail. which is prob also stupid because i am basically telling the spammer that my number works and to please feel free to keep spamming me.

anyway, the message said ‘your loan can be forgiven! blahblah obama’s 2013 loan forgiveness program blahblah’


I have never had a student loan. But this call was infuriating. I briefly considered going to cooking school (lol) a long time ago and i would’ve had to take out a 15,000 dollar loan. i didn’t go to that school. But i had nightmares for years about that loan. I dreamed I DID take out the loan, but forgot about it, and now I was being tracked down. and i am a huge cheap-ass so the idea of a 15,000 loan sends little jolts of panic through my frugal little bones.

so, that phone call reminded me of those dreams i used to have. stupid scammers. next time i should stay on the phone and just mess with them..nah, that isnt my style. i shall continue to receive these annoying calls and do absolutely nothing to stop them.


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