society is a social construct

A wise soul told me that society isn’t even real. It’s a concept we made up. It’s a collection of people that don’t actually ‘mean’ anything to me. The real ‘society’ consists of the people actually in your life, consistently, and with some sort of meaning for you. I mean, does it actually matter to you if the guy on the bus thinks you’re weird for using a CD player? Or that the girl at the supermarket secretly judged you for buying rice cakes?

I have secretly judged people for buying rice cakes. I think, ‘don’t they know about nutrition? don’t they KNOW? How can they BUY those?’


but who the fuck am I? And why should they care what I am thinking of them? and are they thinking similar things about me?

‘How can she buy almond butter? that’s so gross. and why all the seltzer water? what a waste of money. Just drink regular water.’

It also barely matters what ppl in my life think about what I do with my existence. Right now I am on a laptop and typing this entry, I just ate a piece of 86% cacao dark chocolate. I listened to a Spanish podcast. I read another chapter of In Defense of Food. This could be my life. I mean, this could be ‘reality’ and who is ‘society’ to say otherwise? Who dictates what we should all be doing every night?

I compare my life to my contemporaries. that’s what I call ‘society’ all the people within my age bracket, whatever theyre doing, my brain thinks I should be doing it too. But why? Evolution? Fear of ostracism?

My mind has been blown over the idea that society doesnt even exist. It was created. By the news. It is perpetuated…by your Facebook feed. It is something that has a grip on us, we conduct our lives based on it…and it isn’t even a thing.

Time to go live exactly how I want to live! okay, maybe not.


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