What did I need to unlearn

This morning I looked at my books. I have Michael Pollan’s In Defense of Food. I bought this book around 2011, when I got into a bit of a health obsession, but not like my current obsession. I seemed to have completely glossed over his chapter on dietary fat. He talks about how the food pyramid led everyone astray, and the demonizing of fat led everyone to obesity. Why don’t I remember reading this chapter?

He also talks about how weight has a lot more to do with just ‘calories in, calories out.’ That’s actually a really simplistic model that treats humans more like robots than fleshy, complex mammals. Hormones play a role. Genetics. Your gut flora. We’re learning all this now. We’re still learning. But what should I unlearn about life?

stuff to unlearn:

Eggs are bad for you.

No, they’re not. And the yolk is the healthiest part.

Exercise will help you lose weight.

Yeah, except….what?! You’re probably already running on less energy because you’re crash dieting, and now you’re going to go peddle on a bike for 30 minutes and think you’ll be able to deal with the hunger pains all night…uh huh. makes sense. Exercise helps with mood, and health, for sure. But it’s one of the worst weight loss methods because….it makes you hungry!!!

I can’t do anything about my anxiety and depression, it’s in my genes.

I definitely believed this before I learned more about epigenetics and neuroscience. And we are just starting to actually understand how our brains work. Anxiety disorders are awful. And there is no one size fits all approach. much like diet. But I believe there is a ‘one size that can benefit all, but maybe not cure all’ method. LOL. how wordy is that? anyway, it’s really simple. Move around more, practice gratitude, learn a new skill, hug people more often, don’t dwell on your mistakes.

It’s not going to cure your depression, but it might. It really depends on your brain. But we aren’t stuck.

you are so quiet, you are so shy, you think too much, you’re too anxious, you need to accept technology, you need to chill out, you aren’t very driven, you are going to rot in a cubicle and you deserve it

My personality is basically a blob of all the traits other people have ascribed to me. What if for a year I did an experiment where I told myself I am fucking outgoing as SHIT and I love to interact with new people, and dance, and I am super emotionally resilient, and I can do whatever I want!

that’d be an interesting experiment.

buy a house. because of reasons blahblahblah

Home ownership worship bugs me. Especially in an increasingly fragile, rapidly changing economic and societal climate. We are so mobile now. We’re attached to mobile phones. We work remote. We get new jobs every 5 years before companies dont give raises anymore or value you. Plus, the slogan ‘renting is throwing your money down the toilet’ was literally created by realtors. it is a marketing term. like ‘I’m lovin’ it’ or ‘Bet you cant eat just one’ And when people say it, they’re just parroting it, they dont even THINK about what theyre saying.

And even if they do things like move every 5-10 years, they still believe it is better than renting. Because we never learned useful math in school. we learn…well, whatever they teach you. i never passed an algebra class. did i? I dunno. I remember taking pre-algebra. then i bombed algebra and they stuck me in some accounting class and that counted as a math credit.

Anyway, owning a house is a big responsibility. There’s many hidden costs. they arent even hidden. they’re just overlooked, because we are too busy thinking ‘well, renting was throwing my money down the toilet. what’s an HOA fee? what’s property tax? a new roof costs how much? when was the septic last updated? what do you mean there is mold in the bathroom? closing costs? the value of the neighborhood? how much do i have in savings, if i lose my job, how will i pay this mortgage? how much do i need to set aside for home fix ups, which will have, because it is a freaking home!!’

renting isnt a walk in the park either. you know what IS a walk in the park? a walk in the park. man, i should go for one. anyway..

Renting has downsides. For one thing, some of us dont WANT to move all the time. I think stability is important and having a stable living arrangement is key. Yet every year, I move to a new location. Eventually, I’d like to stay put somewhere for a long swath of time.

I just do not follow the ‘rent is throwing your money away’ lie. because truthfully, you can throw just as much money away whilst owning. you can take out home equity loans. you can buy a house that eats up 60% of your take home pay. you can go into foreclosure for a variety of reasons. you can have to move for a new job and lose money on closing costs and moving fees.

if i could buy a house in cash, i would do that. maybe.  right now, i think that makes the most sense of all. otherwise, i am not convinced that owning is some cash cow. but i do think a home is a great place to raise children. but i have zero children. so why do i need a house.


i think i proved my point here. wait, what was my point


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