Hyper connection


It is normal to follow 500 of your closest randoms from the past. Why are you so fucking weird. Follow your high school classmate that called you a fat fuck in 10th grade. And why aren’t you ‘liking’ your old coworker’s status update about how she is so ~blessed~ to have had her 4th child? Why are you so cold? Do you even care about Shannon Blerkmeyer? What do you mean you haven’t seen her since that kegger in college? You went to college?!?! Wow, bitch, showing your privilege there. Some of us have PROBLEMS, you know, and we couldn’t finish! #insensitive #fuckyou #fuckthis #marchforcollegedropoutrights

Are you okay? I mean, you haven’t posted a selfie lately. Is it because the lighting is bad in your new room? When do you plan to buy a house, anyway? Are you getting married? Why aren’t you dating anyone? Did you see so and so’s new baby on Facebook? What a cutie. That family is so happy. Why can’t my life be that perfect? #sadness #omg #fuck

Did you read that news report on CNN about some bullshit stupid thing? Oh my God!! I know, right? We got to fight back! We need to fight this! #fight #fuckyou #ifyoudontagreeiwthmeyoureanidiot


Wow how much was that phone? You leased it? Wow!!! I can lease one, too? And a caR? and a sofa?!?!?! Shit! We are truly blessed, in such a country of abundance. Good thing we’re not all in massive debt and living paycheck to paycheck. Now I can post this amazing bowl of pasta to all my dear instagram friends, using the FASTEST 4G NETWORK IN AMERICA. #givemedataorgivemedeath




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