i take it back, pretend it is 2007.

I’m going to do an experiment. I love to experiment. Oh, STOP.


I am going to get a dumb phone tonight. I want to be less connected. I am too hyper connected. which leads to less human connection. yes. that’s right. we’re less connected than ever before. the cyber world is artificial. 90% of the people on our friends list either dont give a royal F about you, or enjoy stalking your photos/political rambles.


so yeah, this millenial is going to be fuckin’ weird and experiment with ditching my smart phone. plus, it will be nice to have to actually use my brain and memorize a few street turns, if i drive somewhere. oh, heaven forbid!! use my fucking BRAIN!


i’ll let you know how it goes/when i cry and miss snapchat. just kidding.


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