Down with rice cakes.

Women need to eat fat.

Is that a good SEO sentence? Can I do better?

Fuck snackwell’s.

That seems rude….I mean, a bit crass ‘n all..Hmm.

How about this. You’ve been lied to! Fat doesn’t make you fat! Do the scamaroos ever cease?!?!

When I was a kid, I remember finding myself perplexed by the HUGE AMOUNT OF GRAINS that the food pyramid said I could eat! And this freakin’ thing was hanging in every health classroom in the 90s. Really, 6-11 servings of grains, really? I also remember the bullshit food being at the very top, you know, just eat the bullshit sparingly. But gorge on wonderbread and rice cakes. it’s healthy!

Curse you, food pyramid, and low fat diet craze, for helping perpetuate women’s body image issues.

Even today, as I make some eggs, or a pound of bacon, I think ,THIS IS WRONG. Okay, I dont actually eat a pound of bacon. But still.

Fat won’t make you fat. But that is what you were led to believe. Now it’s time to free from the shackles of misinformation.

They told us low fat was best. so they take out the fat, and add sugar. Sugar makes you fat. But everything ‘healthy’ that is processed has sugar. Low fat yogurt, granola bars, cereal, it’s all pseudo-food and it’s the stuff that is actually bad for you.

They took away your eggs, full fat dairy, meat, and told you to eat whole grain breads and disgusting low calorie potato chips. 100 calorie packs enrage me. It is a marketing ploy, nothing more. You are clearly going to eat 5 little bags. They know that. They dont give a shit.

And the nonsense continues. women are always on diets. Women are scared to eat fat. So they eat unsatisfying lean cuisine meals and granola bars and low fat yogurts and the cycle of dieting never ends. The bullshit needs to end. The scamaroo stops here.


Pretend it is 1910, minus the botulism. just eat food!!! no more granola bars. no more lean cuisines. come on. let’s do it.


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