What the hell is a FICO score.

By the way, what the hell is credit? I didn’t question the validity of a ‘FICO score’ until I was 31! It was just woven into my life, from an early age, so I never once said, why the hell is this FICO even a THING, and why do we judge people based on their FICO score?!

Question it. Why is it normal? It’s not. I stopped using my credit card except to buy gas, and my company tells me, ‘show you’re a good borrower! Take out a fucking installment loan!’

Ok, Credit Card Company didn’t swear at me, but SERIOUSLY?! So, I pay off my CC, and you’re tellin’ me to hop back onto the debt wagon and fucking take out a CAR LOAN, or something?! Is that what you’re telling me!!

:takes deep breath:

When I entered elderly millenial status, all of life’s bullshit and malarky just started to unravel in front of my aging eyeballs. (Don’t worry, I don’t need glasses yet. Doctor said I just stare at the computer too much and forget to blink, so my eyes hurt sometimes.)

Listen, CC company, you don’t own me! I want to keep my money, and do whatever I want with it. So stop telling me to take out loans. I took out a car loan when I was 25 because I knew nothing about anything. also, I still know nothing about anything, and neither do you.

That’s right. What do I really know? What does anyone know?

We are ALWAYS learning. It never stops. In 10 years, when I am ultra-elderly millenial status, I  might laugh at all the things I did NOT know at age 31.

And that is a beautiful thing. So, keep questioning everything, keep learning, and be authentic.



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