The great credit scamaroo

Dear genderless entities of the millenial generation,

Burn your credit card.

Wait. I just remembered, I lost my debit card for a few days, and it was handy to use my CC in lieu of my debit. So, let me add a little exception. You may hide your CC in a top secret compartment in your wallet. If you’re a woman with a huge purse, tape the CC to the bottom of your purse. You’ll never see it down there.

Anyway, credit cards are one of life’s scamaroos. You have been sold into the idea that it is normal and socially acceptable to be rolling in credit card interest, student loan payments, and a 7 year car loan on a toyota corolla. Guess what? It’s bull.

Dearest millenials, it’s all bull. And a dash of malarky. It’s mostly bull, though.

Here is how the lie goes down:

  1. most humans start doing something.
  2. The people who don’t do it start to feel weird, like they should be doing it.
  3. the remaining people start doing it, too
  4. everyone stops questioning the validity and health aspects of the particular thing
  5. the world explodes and the human race has to break off into two groups, the debits and the credits.

ok, i made up step 5. but steps 1-4 is how the following things got normalized without being questioned. It’s time to start questioning this malarky and bull. Rise up, millenials. Don’t let some rich corporations control your future. Burn the debt. Live free, like in that game Oregon Trail. Am I aging myself here? Old millenials know what I’m talking about. You’re in charge of YOUR destiny, but it’s a lot harder when you’re paying all that interest to Discover card every month because you just had to put the new Iphone on your CC. And shoes. And whatever else.


Free yourself.






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