Why am I the elderly millenial…

The truth is…I’m a millenial. I think. It’s unclear. I was born in 1985, so I’ll be 32 so soon. How on earth am I a millenial?! If I had actually finished college, I would be celebrating my 10 year anniversary this year! I’m old as dust, you see. So, how am I a millenial?! I remember Napster! That’s right, NAPSTER.

But apparently, I am a millenial Well, not apparently. If it were apparent, I’d not have questioned my millenial status, right?

I don’t relate to millenial culture. Or..any culture, I guess. I am a woman (womyn?) without a place to call my own. Except my Hulu account. I fucking paid for that, it’s mine! But besides my Hulu account, I am a lone wolf, an anti-millenial. Or something. Or maybe not. If i become an ‘anti-millenial’ I’m joining a movement! So, forget it!


What i’m trying to say here is…please stay tuned for many amazing ramblings from a rambly old lady. (I’ve got osteo-arthritis at age 31. I think it’s okay to age myself a few decades now)




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